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The Bachelor’s Program provides a solid basic education in which the central sociological concepts and theories, their history, knowledge of contemporary society, and the main areas and fields of application of sociology are taught. Students will become familiar with the techniques and methods of scientific work and empirical research (e.g., computer-assisted analysis of data, questionnaire development, and qualitative social research methods). The interdisciplinary education also involves neighboring disciplines (Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, Ethnology or Languages).

A central component of the education is the Research-Oriented Practical. It offers the opportunity to apply what has been learned so far in an independently conducted empirical project. In addition to application skills with regard to sociological methods and correct scientific work, the Research-Oriented Practical also promotes social skills such as teamwork, communication and cooperation skills.

Contact at the SSC

Angelika Neubauer

Phone:+43 316 380 - 6504

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