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Business Administration

Business Administration new in Graz

The new Bachelor’s Program Business Administration at the University of Graz prepares you optimally for your career in the business and corporate world. Thanks to individual specializations, international orientation and a focus on innovative business, you are ready for the corporate world of tomorrow.

What the new Bachelor’s Program Business Administration at the University of Graz offers you

  • New Bachelor’s Curriculum: Focus on future-proof business in the digitalized world
  • Comprehensive understanding of business tasks with attractive specialization options
  • Global Orientation of the University of Graz: Lecturers from all over the world; semesters abroad at partner universities; international students
  • Business Location Graz: Networking with companies; internship and job opportunities; start-up scene around the university

Comprehensive and in-depth understanding of business management
Learning to strategically shape and lead global and local businesses
Sustainable business in the digitalized world

Are you interested in business and economic processes in various companies? Then the Bachelor’s Program Business Administration is perfect for you. In numerous varied courses, we provide you with extensive knowledge that will immerse you deeply in the world of business administration. Business and leadership are central points in the entire study program. Whether you want to become a manager, entrepreneur or CEO – at the University of Graz you will learn how to strategically shape and lead companies. All with a view to the digitalized world of tomorrow!

Lecturers & students from all over the world
Semester abroad at renowned partner universities
English as a business language in the entire study program

Today’s economy is internationally oriented. In order for you to be able to pursue a successful career anywhere in the world, our comprehensive range of courses prepares you for all challenges. At the University of Graz you will meet lecturers and students from all over the world. This enables you to successfully build your own global network from your Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration onwards and pave the way to unique career opportunities. At the same time, we offer you the ultimate opportunity to spend semesters abroad at one of our renowned partner universities and deepen your expertise there.

To prepare you for all the challenges that await you later in the business world, English as a business language accompanies you throughout your studies. Consequently, you will find a large number of English-language courses with a national and international focus, which you can complete as part of the compulsory and elective courses.

Wide selection of specialization options, electives and supplementary studies
Your individual business studies according to your schedule
Seamless transition to the Master’s Program – even before the completion of the Bachelor’s Program

Students can specialize by choosing specific elective courses: In at least one of ten Special Business Administration subjects, in supplementary subjects such as Team Building and Conflict Management, Information Literacy, Economic History and numerous more, or in the free elective courses. Compared to more specialized courses, this has the advantage that you can explore your interests first and don't have to choose a specialty right from the start, which then interests and fascinates you less than expected. With us, you are not trapped in a very specialized curriculum, but enjoy the greatest possible flexibility to explore your interests and also put them into practice. Even before you graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree, you can breathe the air of your first Master’s courses and thus seamlessly transition into your Master’s Program. Develop your personal profile with our versatile Bachelor’s Program Business Administration and create the perfect foundation for your successful career!

Networking with companies during your studies
Interesting internship and job opportunities for you
Active start-up scene around the university

Graz is considered THE business location of Styria. For this reason, the Bachelor’s Program Business Administration at the University of Graz is extremely practice-oriented. As a student, you will already make your first contacts with national and international companies and easily create the basis for a successful career. In order to support you in the best possible way, you will always find interesting and varied internship and job offers through the university platform. However, there is deliberately no compulsory internship - and that is good for you. This way you can decide which internships you want to accept and under which conditions. You are not forced by your studies to complete every offer or unpaid internships.

Particularly practical: You can get credit for suitable internships as part of the free electives and thus make faster and more successful progress in your studies. Or you can join the entrepreneurial side and become part of the active start-up scene, which paves your way as an entrepreneur directly from campus. Innovative ideas and exciting challenges for creative, unique and successful business ideas await you.

5 main specializations from the Bachelor’s Program: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Production and Logistics, Management
Master with further specializations and focuses

Overall, the Bachelor’s Program Business Administration offers maximum flexibility through numerous attractive options and combinations to develop your personal profile and thus create the foundation for your future career. It builds your potential and is deliberately not a training on the job – so overall the best conditions to make a career in the future. With us you will also learn to organize yourself – an indispensable quality for future founders and managers. Your Business Administration Program in Graz offer you the unique opportunity to specialize in several areas of business administration. At the beginning of your bachelor's program, you can choose between five main specializations: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Production and Logistics, and Management.

In the Master’s Program, you will find further specialization options and focuses, so that at the end of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Program you can start your career not only with an academic degree, but also with a wide range of expertise. In our new curriculum for the Bachelor’s and Master’s Program, you will learn everything you need to know to choose the right specialization for you.

Contact at the SSC

Angelika Neubauer

Phone:+43 316 380 - 6504

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