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The Bachelor’s Program Economics provides a scientifically sound and research-based education for professions requiring according economic knowledge and methods. Economics analyses and assesses the behavior of private and public agents, the functional principles of societal institutions and social and economic processes of change in modern free-market economies in a national and international context. Basic subjects including Micro and Macro Economics, International Economy, Public-sector Economy, Economics of Growth as well as Economic and Distribution Policy are taught on an initially introductory and later intermediate level, conveying timeless comprehensive economic knowledge. Various utilizable methods are taught in subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics and Econometrics.

In addition to the core areas of economics, individual focuses can also be set during your studies. On the one hand, students can specialize in a subfield of economics and on the other hand, students can attend free elective courses that are not bound by any regulations.

Contact at the SSC

Angelika Neubauer

Phone:+43 316 380 - 6504

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