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Comprehensive Subject Exam

Comprehensive subject examinations serve to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a subject or a subject area to be defined in the curriculum. Comprehensive subject examinations are examinations that are conducted in a single examination procedure.

Examination Dates

Three examination dates are offered for each semester, so that six examination dates are available per year.


Registration is only possible within the registration period specified for this purpose and in compliance with the registration requirements according to the curriculum. The registration period lasts at least two weeks and ends one week before the examination date.

You must register yourself for the comprehensive subject examination via UNIGRAZonline during the registration period. The dates of the individual examiners and the registration deadlines can be found in UNIGRAZonline. It should be noted that a separate examination date is created for each examiner or start time.

Bachelor's Program Sociology

In the Bachelor’s Program Sociology, the comprehensive subject examination “Foundations of Sociology” must be completed in Module A. The comprehensive subject examination is an oral examination by committee and requires the positive completion of the course “Foundations of Sociology AG”.

The examination material is published on the website of the Department of Sociology.

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