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Business Administration

In addition to refreshing, broadening and deepening knowledge in the core areas of business administration as well as in business mathematics and statistics, the redesigned Master’s Program Business Administration offers a wide range of elective and specialization options with the Special Business Administration courses (SBWLs) and the new Module Business Analytics and Data Science.

Currently, 18 different SBWLs are offered in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, management, and logistics and supply chain management. Depending on the student’s choice, at least one SBWL (at 24 ECTS) must be completed in the master’s program. Furthermore, instead of Modules C (elective module with theories, methods and competencies from neighboring disciplines) and Module D (Business Analytics and Data Science), a second and third SBWL can also be completed. If at least two SBWLs from the same subject area and the corresponding lecture (Module A) are completed, then a specialization (major) exists, which is listed on the degree certificate. The Master’s Thesis must also be written in one of the chosen SBWLs and the accompanying Master’s Seminar must be attended.

The proportion of compulsory courses has been reduced to 8 ECTS (out of 120 ECTS in total) in the new curriculum. Thus, the Master’s Program Business Administration now offers 112 ECTS with elective options, allowing students to specialize (e.g., pursue a major) or acquire additional competencies (e.g., in currently interesting areas such as business analytics) depending on their interests.

New Curriculum for the Master's Program Business Administration

The redesigned curriculum for the Master’s Program Business Administration was approved by the Senate on May 20, 2020 and published in the university gazette on June 3, 2020. Dean of Studies Heinz Königsmaier and the Chairman of the Curricula Committee Business Administration, Georg Schneider, inform about the background and motivations of the curriculum reform and give an overview of the redesigned Master’s Program Business Administration.
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Contact at the SSC

Christine Klamminger

Phone:+43 316 380 - 6506

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