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Political and Empirical Economics

The Master’s Program Political and Empirical Economics provides in-depth knowledge and problem-related specialization of knowledge and skills acquired in a subject-related Bachelor’s Program. Students are made familiar with state-of-the-art research, theoretical basics and empirical methodology, which they combine and learn to apply to specific problems. Building on an analytical and methodical basic module, they can either choose Political Economics (PEC) or Empirical Economics (EED) as specialization.

Political Economics (PEC) focuses on the special criteria of political decision-making processes and the economic and political implementation of knowledge of economics. Various options enable individual specializations in areas such as applied business research, political consulting and interdisciplinary research.

The Empirical Economics (EEC) focus - taught in English - provides in-depth knowledge in empirical-quantitative and econometric methodology. This particularly builds a solid basis for activities in branches of business, science and research based on quantity. EEC is also offered as a Double Degree in co-operation with the University of Udine. Language skills are fostered by means of English textbooks and courses in both programs, leading to independent research activities in the frame of seminar papers and master’s theses.

Contact at the SSC

Christine Klamminger

Phone:+43 316 380 - 6506

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