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Cumulative Doctoral Thesis

A Cumulative Doctoral Thesis at the School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences consists of:

  • an introduction.
  • at least three scientific essays, either published in an academic journal or at a level suitable for publication. Each essay should make a substantial orginal contribution.
  • a conclusion.

The introduction presents the research questions, provides an overview of the research project and its objectives, and describes the structure of the paper.

The research essays are thematically related.

The conclusion section at the end of the paper summarizes the main scientific findings and clarifies how they contribute to the existing literature. Alternatively, the introduction and conclusion can be replaced by a detailed abstract that precedes the paper and explains how the research essays contribute to the research field.

For all co-authored essays, the contribution of each author must be reported as a percentage. All co-authors must agree to the percentages in writing when submitting the doctoral thesis.

The candidate’s total contribution must add up to at least 200%. An essay in sole authorship is not mandatory.

Contact at the SSC

Faris Polutak

Phone:+43 316 380 - 6817

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