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  +43 (0) 316 380 Extension
Master's Thesis Submission Christine Klamminger 6506
Examination Recognition Marianne Essinger 6505
Nostrification Karoline Handler 6508
Bachelor's Programs Angelika Neubauer 6504
Doctoral Program Christine Klamminger 6506
Digital Examinations

MMag. Eva Becskei

Mag. Karin Ernstreiter



Teaching Evaluation Karoline Handler 6508
Comprehensive Subject Exams Christine Klamminger 6506
Thesis / Dissertation Scholarship Karoline Handler 6508
Course Registration Mag. Karin Ernstreiter 6810
Merit Scholarship Angelika Neubauer 6504
Master's Degree Exams Christine Klamminger 6506
Master's Programs Christine Klamminger 6506
Master's Program Computational Social Systems Faris Polutak 6817
Summer University SOWI Mag. Karin Ernstreiter 6810

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