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Free Elective Courses within the University of Graz

Only courses that have not been used for completion of the corresponding prior study program may be applied to the Free Elective Courses. This proof is to be supplied by the student.
If you have completed your prior study program at the University of Graz, please hand in the data sheet (in German “Datenblatt”), which you received at the respective Dean’s Office, at the Student Services Center.
If you did not complete your prior study program at the University of Graz, please hand in a proof at the Student Services Center which courses you have not used for your prior study program.

If the course to be recognized was taken at the University of Graz in the respective study program, no recognition is required. The courses to be used as free electives must be announced on the Degree Completion Form at the end of the program in the Student Services Center.

Degree Completion Form
Please fill in the form electronically (only complete the fields highlighted in white).

To enter the application for recognition in UNIGRAZonline, please proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to UNIGRAZonline
  2. Click “Recognitions/Achievement supplements“
  3. On the “Operations“ menu, click on “New recognition“
    Select the study program for which recognition is requested.
  4. Type of Recognition “General recognition
  5. Please ignore (do not fill in) the File Number, Dean’s Office Number and Note.
  6. Educational Institution
    Select the educational institution where the examination to be recognized was taken.
  7. Enter the Date of Recognition (current date)
  8. Save
  9. Cancel/Close
  10. Enter the course to be recognized by clicking “0/0/0
  11. On the “Operations“ menu, click “New position” and then click “Course(s) to be recognized: add
  12. Select the completed course by clicking on the respective course in the list
  13. Cancel/Close
  14. In the position click “is/are recognised for Uni Graz course(s) add“ and select the examination node “Free Elective Courses“ (“Freie Wahlfächer”) of your curriculum in the tree and then select “Free Elective Course 1“ (“Freies Wahlfach 1“) (click “Select“)
  15. Select the corresponding course (A00.XXXXXX “Free Elective Course 1“ (“Freies Wahlfach 1”) Enter the current semester.
  16. Add
  17. Close
  18. Enter the grade of the completed course at “Uni Graz assessment
  19. Save and Close
  20. Verification of the entered data
    The entered positions can be opened and edited by clicking on Position (e.g. “1/0/0”). If you want to enter further courses, click “New position” on the “Operations” menu. Then select “Free Elective Course 2“ (“Freies Wahlfach 2“) and so on.
  21. Confirm the entry by clicking “Confirm all positions“ in the “Operations“ menu
    A correction of the entries is no longer possible for you afterwards!
  22. Notify the Student Services Center of your submission via email to sowi.anerkennung(at)uni-graz.at to initiate processing of your recognition request. Please include your student ID and the name of the study program.

Please note that responses will only be sent to your student email account.

Recognition of free elective courses can only be granted up to the maximum according to the curriculum.

Study Program Free Elective Courses according to Curriculum
Bachelor's Program Business Administration 23W 16 ECTS
Bachelor’s Program Business Administration 17W 9 ECTS
Bachelor's Program Economics 23W 10 ECTS
Bachelor’s Program Economics 17W 11 ECTS
Bachelor’s Program Sociology 17W 14 ECTS
Master’s Program Business Administration 20W 8 ECTS
Master's Program Computational Social Systems 21W 6 ECTS
Master’s Program Sociology 10W 18 ECTS
Master’s Program Political and Empirical Economics 20W 6 ECTS
Master’s Program Business Education and Development 20W 8 ECTS
Internationales Graduate Study Programme in Cultural Sociology 19W 12 - 18 ECTS
Joint Study Program Global Studies on Management and Information Science 18W 8 ECTS


Contact at the SSC

Eva Kleemair

Phone:+43 316 380 - 6508

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