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Master's Thesis Submission

Master’s theses are scientific papers that serve to demonstrate the ability to work on scientific topics independently and in a way that is justifiable in terms of content and methodology. The topic and the supervisor of the Master’s thesis have to be announced by means of a form at the Student Services Center of the School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences before starting the work. The completed form has to be submitted by email. Approval of the topic and supervisor is given by the Dean of Students.

The topic and/or the supervisor can be changed until the submission of the master’s thesis. However, the change must be announced by means of a form with a new request in the Student Services Center via email.

Approval of a Master's Thesis Topic
Change of Master's Thesis Topic resp. Change of Supervisor

Please fill in the form electronically (only complete the fields highlighted in white).

Access to the forms outside the university network is only possible via uniVPN (Cisco AnyConnect). Detailed information about this can be found here.

For the master’s thesis, please use the corresponding template for the title page:

Business Administration
Political and Empirical Economic
Business Education and Development
Cover Page Template in English

Hinweis: Please do not print logos on the cover and the cover page. The (co-)supervisors involved must not be listed on the cover page.

The Affidavit is only to be confirmed electronically at the time of submission and may not be included in the Master's Thesis.

Submission of the Master's Thesis

Attention: Change in the Submission Procedure since October 1st, 2022

Due to the change in the Laws Governing University Studies, theses must only be submitted electronically as of October 1, 2022. Your supervisor may additionally request a printout of your Master’s thesis. This printout must be submitted directly to your supervisor.

  • Application “My Theses“ on your Business Card
  • Fill in all required fields
    When entering the title of the thesis, do not use a line break (Enter) – this will cause problems during data transfer.
  • Entry of the German and English abstracts (min. 1,700 to max. 2,000 characters incl. spaces)
  • Consent to the Affidavit
  • Upload the full text as a PDF-A
    The file size of the pdf file must not exceed 40 MB.
  • Click “Complete and notify supervisor now“ (Submit now) (a change is no longer possible)
  • Your supervisor will receive an automated notification for abstract release.
  • Request for Master's Thesis Embargo (if necessary)
    This request must be approved by the respective supervisor prior to the electronic submission of the thesis in UNIGRAZonline. The form has to be emailed to the Student Services Center.


Further information:
Instructions for submitting a thesis in UNIGRAZonline (available in German only)


Your thesis will be subject to a plagiarism check after electronic submission.

The following applies to the Master’s Program in Business Education and Development:

After the electronic submission in UNIGRAZonline, a printed, hardbound copy of the Master’s thesis must be submitted to the Department of Business Education and Development.


The supervisor must assess and grade the thesis within two months of submission.

The period between the submission of a scientific paper and the examination concluding the study program or the completion of the program may not be less than four weeks.

If the study program is completed with an examination that concludes the study program, this examination can be taken no earlier than two weeks after the assessment has been submitted to the Examination Office or the Dean’s Office.

Resolution of the Deans of Studies and the Director of Studies dated July 7, 2009. This resolution shall take effect at the beginning of the summer semester 2010 (March 1, 2010).

Contact at the SSC

Christine Klamminger

Phone:+43 316 380 - 6506

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