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You find a description on how to enter your recognition requests, optional subjects and of the pre-recognition concerning your ERASMUS+ stay in UNIGRAZonline in the Recognition Guidelines.

Please keep in mind that your recognition requests are processed from Tuesday to Thursday.

Please choose the relevant academic evaluator for the recognition of examinations of one course of study to another one within the University of Graz, of all other national Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences and University Colleges of Teacher Education.

List of academic evaluators:

Recognition Procedure in Business Administration

To achieve a mutually optimal result concerning recognition and admission to the Master’s program, I would suggest to respect certain "rules of the game" or guidelines.

INTERNAL Recognition:

Applications for recognitions have to be submitted as early as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays and waiting times in the course of studies, because even unambiguous recognitions take some time.

For recognitions you need to submit a request via UNIGRAZonline. Next, you need to announce your entering of the data to Mrs. Sabine Karner at the Student Services Center of the School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences. It is your responsibility to precisely document the contents and the level of difficulty of courses to be recognized. The comparability must be plausible to make sure that the recognition can be done quickly. Appropriate guidance concerning the filling out of request is provided by the Austrian Student Union, Student Council for Business Administration (Part GE of the RESOWI building).

For specific cases concerning the recognition, please send a detailed description of the problem to Mrs. Karner (Student Services Center) in advance. After the consultation I will contact you. Please keep in mind that we need to develop new solutions for some of these special cases, before replying to your request. The processing of specific cases is done solely after a previous appointment in the course of a meeting.

Pre-Notification (Stay Abroad, ERASMUS+):

After choosing a particular foreign University and relevant courses in the course of your exchange program (Erasmus+) you should contact your relevant academic evaluator. It is necessary to enter the pre-notification for the pre-recognition of the courses you want to attend in UNIGRAZonline in advance. Further, you need to print a recognition list and fill in the relevant data (incl. ECTS credits). Next, take the program of the foreign university to your academic evaluator in his/her office hour, as he/she needs to confirm the equivalence on the recognition list. You will be very welcome to ask questions and you will be provided the help you need. Together with this list you can apply for pre-notification at the Student Services Center of the School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences.

After your stay abroad you need to see Mrs. Sabine Karner. Further information is available in the Recognition Guidelines.

By accepting the rules concerning when-where-what has to be handed in, it is also easier for us to focus on particular problems and to solve them.

In addition, I would like to remind you that I do not have any regular consultation hours, which means that you need to make an appointment with Mrs. Sabine Karner. Further, there is no use in writing me an e-mail or ask me any questions in person, because all questions concerning recognition or requests for admission need to be handed in at the Dean’s Office (Student Services Center) before.


Dr. Claudia Fink
Chariwoman of the Curricula Committee Business Administration

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Sabine Karner
+43 (0)316 380 - 3262

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