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Working Paper Series

The working paper series of the School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Graz aims to increase the visibility of local researchers’ scientific output.


At least one author of any working paper needs to be affiliated with the school and working papers need to be approved for publication by at least one faculty member. Working papers contain two leading pages designed by the working paper series and then contain the authors’ original working paper. Any opinions expressed in working papers are those of the author(s) and not those of the School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences.


The working paper series is also indexed on RePEc.


If you would like to submit your working paper to the series, please send it to sowi-wp(at)uni-graz.at.

For questions, please contact Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Palan or Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marc Reimann.

2018-06A High-Frequency Analysis of Bitcoin MarketsAlexander Brauneis,
Roland Mestel,
Ryan Riordan,
Erik Theissen
2018-05Should I wait or should I lie? Path dependency and timing in repeated honesty decisions under framesChristian Schitter,
Stefan Palan
2018-04How to choose between fixed and variable rate loansEdwin O. Fischer,
Lisa-Maria Kampl
2018-03Algorithmic Trading and Liquidity: Long Term Evidence from AustriaRoland Mestel,
Michael Murg,
Erik Theissen
2018-02When Do Loan and Bond Prepayments Pay Off?Edwin O. Fischer,
Ines Wöckl
2018-01Catch me if you can. Can human observers identify insiders in asset markets?Thomas Stöckl,
Stefan Palan
2017-06Social Preferences in Inter-Group ConflictRobert Böhm,
Jürgen Fleiß,
Robert Rybnicek
2017-05Does Investor Risk Perception Drive Asset Prices in Markets? Experimental EvidenceJürgen Huber,
Stefan Palan,
Stefan Zeisberger
2017-04Social Usage of Money: Which Roles Does Money Play in the Life-Cycle-Stage of Children?Klaus Kraemer,
Florian Brugger,
Luka Jakelja
2017-03Sociology and Capitalism ResearchKlaus Kraemer
2017-02Skilling and Deskilling Technological Change in Classical Economic Theory and Its Empirical EvidenceFlorian Brugger,
Christian Gehrke
2017-01To claim or not to claim: Anonymity, reciprocal externalities and honestyChristian Schitter,
Jürgen Fleiß,
Stefan Palan
2016-02Money, not Morale: A Study of the Drivers Behind Investment in Photovoltaic Citizen Participation InitiativesEva Fleiß,
Stefanie Hatzl,
Sebastian Seebauer,
Alfred Posch
2016-01Immaterial and Monetary Gifts in Economic Transactions - Evidence from the FieldMichael Kirchler,
Stefan Palan
2015-03Asia’s Reserve Accumulation: Part of a New ParadigmFlorian Brugger
2015-02Konzentrations- und Ungleichheitsindizes - ein Überblick am Beispiel der TextilindustrieNicole Palan
2015-01The R.U.S.Z.-case: an independent, non-profit reprocessing and repair company

Gernot Lechner,
Marc Reimann

2014-04A Penalty Function Approach to Max 3-SAT ProblemsChristian Kofler,
Peter Greistorfer,
Haibo Wang,
Gary Kochenberger
2014-03When chasing the offender hurts the victim: Collateral damage from insider legislationStefan Palan,
Thomas Stöckl
2014-02Save the planet for humans’ sake: The relation between social and environmental value orientationsKurt A. Ackermann,
Eva Fleiß,
Jürgen Fleiß,
Ryan O. Murphy,
Alfred Posch
2014-01A Software for Asset Market ExperimentsStefan Palan
2013-05Reciprocity as an individual differenceKurt A. Ackermann,
Jürgen Fleiß,
Ryan O. Murphy
2013-04A Review of Research into Smith, Suchanek and Williams MarketsStefan Palan
2013-03Joint optimization of new production, warranty servicing strategy and secondary market supply under consumer returnsMarc Reimann,
Weihua Zhang
2013-02Portfolio Optimization: A Combined Regime-Switching and Black-Litterman ModelEdwin O. Fischer,
Immanuel Seidl
2013-01The effect of active used product acquisition on manufacturing and remanufacturing strategiesGernot Lechner,
Marc Reimann
2012-04Forensic Finance: Market Abuse and Price Manipulation in Security Markets on the TrailMarija Corluka,
Edwin O. Fischer
2012-03Of Coordinators and Dictators: A Public Goods ExperimentJürgen Fleiß,
Stefan Palan
2012-02Fertility Decline in the southeastern Austrian Crown land. Was there a Hajnal line or a transitional zone?Peter Teibenbacher
2012-01A Good Beginning Makes a Good Market: The Effect of Different Market Opening Structures on Market QualityGernot Hinterleitner,
Philipp Hornung,
Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger,
Roland Mestel,
Stefan Palan
2011-02Manufacturing and remanufacturing strategies under uncertain product demandMarc Reimann,
Gernot Lechner
2011-01Inducing Low-Carbon Investment in the Electric Power Industry through a Price Floor for Emissions TradingAlexander Brauneis,
Roland Mestel,
Stefan Palan,
Michael Loretz


Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Palan Telefon:+43 (0)316 380 - 7306


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marc Reimann Telefon:+43 (0)316 380 - 3493

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